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A Day Filming at Spreewald Reserve, Germany (6 Dec 2023)

The Spreewald is situated only 100 kilometres south-east of Berlin, Germany. The landscape is a vast inland delta around the river Spree which was shaped during the last ice age. The area is composed of meadows, forests and fens, yet the unique feature is the network of more than 1,500 kilometres of natural and artificial watercourses. This unique landscape was created by the work of many generations who turned the once swampy floodplain forest into a unique, world-famous landscape of rivers and canals, meadows with haystacks, with log cabins and barns built by the Sorbs/Wends, built on small islands of valley sand safe from the Spree floods. The traditional way of life of the Sorbs/Wends, Slavic minorities, is still preserved in the Spreewald today. The region is officially bilingual, German and Lower Sorbian. The Sorbs/Wends have their own customs, costumes, folklore and cuisine.

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