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BRIDGING VALUES Kick off meeting took place in Stockholm (June 2023)

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Bridging Values consortia partners met all together for the first time at Stockholm University's Resilient Unit in Sweden during 12-14 June 2024. A three days long team capacity building and knowledge exchange event, the workshop was facilitated by postdoctoral researchers; Dr.Andressa Vianna Mansur and Dr.Eda Elif Tibet.

Participating researchers shared their former experiences and future intentions for each case study. Agreements were made on research protocols, timelines and initial methods to be followed for each work package alongside to sightseeing and dinning events.

Participating Researchers:

Iven Forese

Prof.Lasse Loft

Madlaina Michelotti

Dr.Ana Paula

Prof.Unai Pascual

Dr.Andressa Vianna Mansur

Dr.Odirilwe Selomane

Dr.Amanda Silvino

Dr.Maria Tengo

Dr.Eda Elif Tibet

Dr.Grace Wong

Prof.Julie Zahringer

Photographs and Text by Dr.Eda Elif Tibet

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